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Model T 12 Volt conversion kit, original look

Model T 12 Volt conversion kit, original look - T12CK
Model T 12-21CP - 21 c.p. light bulb, single contact, 12 volt, (straight pins)Model T 6572- Headlight bulbModel T 5055FS - Generator cut-out, Ford Script
Item Number:T12CK
Per Car:1
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Additional Information
This kit and a 12 volt battery (not included) is all you need. It works with any standard automotive 12 volt battery and a stock Model T generator.Kit includes a 12 volt voltage regulator, two 50cp/12 volt headlight bulbs, one 15cp/12 volt tail light bulb and instructions.
  • Complete step-by-step instructions provided to make installation a breeze even for the non-experienced person.
  • Your Model T virtually stock in appearance. The regulator looks like exactly like an original cut-out so no lost show points.
  • No holes to drill or modifications to generator and No need to remove generator from car.
  • Simply replace headlight and taillight bulbs with the ones supplied in kit Replace 6 volt cut out with the 12 volt voltage regulator supplied. Adjust the generator third brush per the instructions supplied and drive your car.
  • Voltage regulator charges battery only when the battery needs a charge - no more overcharged battery or burned up generator - Regain lost horsepower due to efficient use of generator. - Generator is simply "coasting" after the battery is charged - generator runs cool and calm.
  • Satisfaction assured - Field proven by hundreds of Model T Ford owners.
Questions and Answers
The 12 volt conversion kit does not require a 12 volt generator. Is that correct?

The kit uses a different regulator that allows the generator to produce the 12 volts. So yes you wont need a different generator.

Answered By: 6 JRL
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I don't see a dropping resistor for the horn. Does the horn need to be replaced with a 12 volt horn?
 The horn can work with a 12 volt of 6 volt system If it is an original horn. If it is a reproduction horn you will need to have it rewired to work for the new voltage. Thank you for your question.
Answered By: 21 AEL
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Hi, I have a model T with electric starter and this kit does not say anything about starters or if they need to be modified so I'm wondering if this will work with a 6 volt starter or would I have to switch/modify it to 12 volts?
 The starter can take 6 or 12 volts. The only problem with this is when it is switch to 12 volts it spins quicker then it would with 6. which makes it hard on the bendix assembly. some people try to come over this by running thinner guage wire from the battery all the way to the starter to try to cut the voltage down some so it wont spin so fast. Thank You Steve
Answered By: 23 SEL
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If you switch to a 12 V system wont it damage the coils and starter motor?

The coils can run on 12 volt, But when starting the car and you let a coil buzz for a little bit of time the coil will heat up much quicker then if you were on 6 volts. You do have time to do stuff but just dont let it sit there buzzing for along period of time. The starter can also take 12 volts, the bendix on the starter though will go through more wear and tear. The starter will be spinning faster by the time the bendix hits the flywheel. Some people try to slow this down by running thinner guage wires.

Answered By: 23 SEL
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Will the 12 volt conversion have any effect on the coils? Like, will 12 volts damage them?
 The coils can take 12 volts no problem, the magneto produces more then the 12 volts when going down the road. The only thing you have to watch out for though is when you start the car and have one of the coils buzzing before turning the engine over. when the coil is in a constant fireing loop like that it heats up, and the 12 volts will have it heat up quicker then on 6 volts. So just dont let the car sit in that constant firing loop more then it needs to be.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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