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Rocky Mountain Brake set with Equalizer

Model T RMB - Rocky Mountain Brake set
Item Number:RMB
Price:$1,399.95 set

Additional Information
Set for 1909-1925 includes a pair of new, large outer drums (11-3/4" diameter) that are used in conjunction with original stock drum for more braking power. They are self energizing and really stop a Model T.
American made.
These braking systems are located on the rear hubs and are activated by only slight pressure on the brake pedal.
They come with an equalizer, which mounts on the emergency brake controller shaft. The equalizer is designed to allow you to engage the accessory brakes when you either push down on the brake pedal or pull back on the emergency brake handle.
Also included is a NEW EZ-ADJUST SLIDER! A sliding clevis, complete with a spring that attaches to the brake pedal and eliminates the fine line of adjustment between neutral and braking. Also with this new slider the brake pedal will no longer move upon application of parking brake.
Comes with the correct size brake rods, (the rod that connects the equalizer to the brakes).
Shipped assembled, directions included.

*Requires an extension welded to your original pedal or you can purchase an optional brake pedal and shaft assembly which make it easier to install this brake set. Part numbers are:

NOTE: Hub bolts are not included. Original style bolts are available. They compensate for the added thickness of drum added in 1909-1925 sets, part# RMB-BOLT. (1926-27 sets use the original length bolt and nut set, part# 2825BQS.)

IMPORTANT: This bake system can NOT be used on T's equipped with Hassler Shock Absorber sets.

Questions and Answers
Will the this Rocky Mountain Brake set work with a Ruckstell Axel? Is it necessary to purchase the accessory brake pedal and shaft kit? Or, can I use my stock break pedal with this set up?
 Yes the Rocky Mountain Brake will work on a Ruckstell Axle. you can use the stock pedal with the brakes if you weld on a little tab onto the bottom of the pedal in order to activate the brakes. A drawing of how this is done is included in the instructions.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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I've read that rocky mountain brakes (the modern reproductions) do a great job of stopping while you are going forward, but do a poor job of stopping in reverse. Is this true?
 They are a self energizing brake so they do stop god going forward but not going backward. They are also not t ogood wet either. My father has them on two of his cars. But we make sure the cars still use the brake in the trasmission with the rocky mountains so that there is still some break in reverse and when it rains. There has been a few ocations when Model T's stop at a stop sign at the top of a hill and cant keep them self from rolling back down it wih the rockys on them.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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Does the brake kit come with a brake pedal adapter, or does the brake pedal need to be removed and welded or a new complete one purchased?
 This brake kit needs to have a tab welded onto the bottom of the brake pedal. There is diagram on the placement of the the tab in the instructions or you can replace the pedal for a new one were the brake pedal has the tab cast into it.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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Is there any issues fitting these brakes and wire wheels?
 The Rocky Mountain Brakes will not interfere with wire wheels.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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I heardthat the rocky mountain brakes don't work when wet or in reverse.That they work in conjunction with the original stock drum so wouldn't that give decent braking when wet or reverse?
 That is correct. You need to keep the stock brakes working and the rockys are there to help with braking when traveling forward only. We have two cars with rockys on them and the statement of when wet and going in reverse they dont work are true. We set the stock brake to engage just after the rockys so that we are not stuck with out brakes ever.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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Do you sell only the equalizer for the Rocky Mountain Brakes?
 We have the 2566BEQ which is made the same way and could be used for the rocky mountain brakes.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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