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STROBO-SPARK coil tester

Model T 500STRO - STROBO-SPARK coil tester
Item Number:500STRO
Per Car:1
Price:This item is no longer available.
Additional Information

Modern spark tester for Model T Ford coils, it is the only modern tester that is actually is superior to the original hand cranked spark testers.

Up until now the only way to properly set up a Model T coil has been to adjust it using a Hand Cranked Magneto Coil Tester. Now there is an even better way. The STROBO-SPARK Coil Tester. Lightweight and simple to operate, the Strobo-Spark can tag along with you on tours.

It is NOT just another "buzz box" type coil tester but an accurate instrument that combines the abilities of the hand cranked coil tester with a Timer and Magneto Voltage control to simulate actual real time operating conditions at REAL engine speeds.
In addition this tester has a direct reading Capacitor Test feature that accurately gauges the condition of the coil's internal capacitor.
The operator can also raise and lower the magneto voltage in 3 steps to help isolate coil problems that occur only under weak or strong magneto conditions. The spark window quickly shows correct coil operation as well as misfiring and/or "double sparking" problems.

For ease of adjustment of the coil point cushion spring use with tool #5008CST, (not included).

  • Tests Ford or KW 1913-1927 ignition coils
  • Direct reading of coil internal capacitor value
  • Direct reading of coil internal capacitor leakage
  • Accurate current meter reads precise coil operate Amps
  • Strobed spark display to detect misfiring and "double sparking"
  • Operator control of magneto test voltage in 3 steps
  • Lightweight - take it with you anywhere.

NOTE: Item only works for North American voltages and outlets. If you require one for foreign voltages, please order part# 500STRO-EU.

Questions and Answers
Can i get a Strobo spark device that will work in europe?
 We can get a strobo spark to work for you in europe. It would require modification and would take 3 weeks to get. We need to know what voltage, plug type and the number of cycles per second in your country.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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Does this tester check for double spark?
 It does check for double spark. It has a needle that spins underneathe the round window on the front of the machine to show double spark just like a hand crank tester would
Answered By: 23 SEL
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