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Complete Speedster Kit with straight top fenders

Model T Complete Speedster Kit with flat top fenders - NO.800F
Model T NO.815 - Speedster seat skins pair with wooden baseNO.817 - Hood for accessory model T Speedster bodyNO.819 - Straight fenders, set of 4 for accessory model T Speedster body
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Item Number:NO.800F
Price:This item is no longer available.
Additional Information

Complete Speedster Kit with straight top fenders. (Includes parts NO810 through NO835) and NO819 flat top fenders. The flat top fenders sweep straight back for a more sporty look.
Made in U.S.A.
A Speedster body of classic design and elegance. This T speedster kit is easy to assemble, even for a beginner. You supply the chasis and running gear. It is designed to fit perfectly on any 09-25 chassis.

The torpedo style hood gives a longer look and provides more ventilation. Use a monocle windshield or order a straight top firewall to use with a stock windshield. Or, if you prefer a standard type speedster, use a stock axle and cross member with this kit. Your own creativity will add the distinctive finishing touches.

Does not include the dropped front axle, part# 2691DA or NO.823 Rear crossmember drop kit. Add these parts for a low racy look shown in picture or you use your stock axle and crossmember for a standard speedster look.

Model T Speedster Kit and Optional Parts

Model T Speedster Kit and Optional Parts

Parts included with this speedster body kit:
  • NO.810 - Wooden Deck, Floorboards and Riser
  • NO.811 - Firewall for speedster, wooden
  • NO.812 - Seat Riser. wooden
  • NO.813 - Blocks for Gas Tank, wooden
  • NO.814 - Gas Tank, Speedster oval tank
  • NO.815 - Seat Skins, steel sheet metal with Wooden Base
  • NO.816 - Tool Box (no hardware), wooden
  • NO.817 - Hood for Speedster body, steel
  • NO.819 - Fender set, Straight Top Speedster Fenders, set of 4, steel
  • NO.820 - Running Boards, steel with Ford Script
  • NO.821 - Splash Aprons. steel
  • NO.822 - Brass Floorboard trim
  • NO.824 - Hood Former, for firewall
  • NO.825 - Steering Column Wedge
  • NO.826 - Tail Light Bracket, steel
  • NO.827 - Brass Mounting Straps for gas tank
  • NO.828 - Brass Filler Neck and radiator cap, (unpolished)
  • NO.829 - Brass Lower Outlet for speedster gas tank
  • NO.830 - Windshield, Monocle style, unpolished cast brass
  • NO.831 - Steering Column Bracket, brass
  • NO.832 - Rear Fender Brackets
  • NO.833 - Wooden Hood Shelves for speedster
  • NO.834 - Brass firewall molding
  • NO.835 - Aluminum trim molding for floor, seats or body

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to check that the piece fits correctly on your car before doing anything to it. All body parts for vehicles this old require some attention before being ready to paint.
Altered, painted or treated merchandise is not returnable. ALL returns require a Return Authorization Number and need to be returned only to Lang’s.
All large parts are subject to extra shipping charges.
Lead times may vary for this item. Please call our Customer Service Line for the current lead time.

Questions and Answers
Does the speedster complete kit include the dropped front axel and is that item included in the price listed?
 The droped front axle does not come with the speedster kit.
Answered By: 23 SEL
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