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Brass flat tube radiator, modern style core

Model T Brass flat tube radiator, modern style core - 3923AF
Model T Black low radiator, flat tube, modern core - 3924F
Item Number:3923AF-11
Price:$1,849.00 each

Additional Information
NOTE: All our authentic reproductions of brass and black radiators are show quality. They are available with either round or flat tube cores. Both styles look the same except for the core. The original style round tube core radiators are duplicates of the original ones used on Model T Fords and are recommended for show cars and owners who want everything “correct” on their car. The modern style flat core radiators offer more efficient cooling and are recommended for cars on hot days, on long tours, used in parades or on speedsters. Both styles are made in USA.

This modern style radiator core has Elongated "FLAT TUBES" for more efficient heat transfer. It has six fins of tellurium copper per vertical inch in a staggered tube array to maximize the disruption of air flow and cooling. (The round tube, original style core radiator for this year is part# 3923AR-11)

NOTE: Beginning in about October, 1911 Ford drawings indicate addition of holes for rivets which secure the filler neck to the top tank. The radiator for this year with the holes in the neck for rivets is part# 3923AF-12

Features of this 1911 radiator include:

  • 2-1/2" spun brass fill neck without rivets
  • Brass tube for carbide gas powered lights is soldered to the lower tank
  • Elongated "flat tubes" for efficient heat transfer
  • Staggered tube array for disruption of airflow
  • Tellurium copper fins with six fins per vertical inch
  • Included brass bar through core
  • Three piece polished brass top tank construction
  • Solid polished brass sidewall without hole for gas line
  • Contoured front trim piece
  • Single piece die stamped top wrapper without welded construction found on earlier reproductions
  • Internal brass baffle plate to prevent loss of coolant
  • “Detroit, Michigan” identification embossed on plate soldered to the back tank, "Made in Canada" plate available upon request
  • Officially licensed later Ford script stamped in the top tank
  • Rust-proof red brass casting bottom outlets and upper inlets
  • Handcrafted in the USA

During 1911, Ford drilled a choke rod hole in the lower part of the front trim for the choke rod, prior to this the rod was laced through the fins in the core. The Brassworks does not drill this hole as not every customer is certain of the production month and year.

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