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"Ford Faithful" Ouside Oiler Kit

Model T Old Faithful Ouside Oiler Kit - 3081FFK
Model T Old Faithful Ouside Oiler Kit - 3081FFKModel T Old Faithful Ouside Oiler Kit - 3081FFKModel T Old Faithful Ouside Oiler Kit - 3081FFK
Model T Old Faithful Ouside Oiler Kit - 3081FFK
Item Number:3081FFK
Per Car:1
Price:$149.95 Kit

Additional Information

This is a reproduction of the original “Ford Faithful Oiling System” that was offered to Model T owners from 1911 through the twenties. No modifications to your original engine are needed, no holes need to be drilled. 

When there is an insufficient supply of oil to the front of the crank case, the engine overheats, the cylinders are scored, and bearings are liable to burn out. The “Ford Faithful” Oiling System keep the oil moving to the front of the engine at any grade and under all conditions.

Bits of worn bands and other matter apt to choke the regular Ford oil line are caught and kept out of harm's way in the “Ford Faithful” screen plate under the top plate. We have added a magnet to the screen plate to collect the small particles of metal that may be in the oil.  With this oiling system, the bands are kept constantly lubricated, stopping the “chattering” of brakes and “grabbing” of clutches.

The “Ford Faithful” top plate directly replaces the transmission cover door plate. It is embossed with the name “FORD FAITHFUL OILING SYSTEM”.
The foot plate attaches to the oil pan lower inspection cover using the included screws and the copper oil line delivers the oil to the lower front of the engine via the oil fitting on the foot plate. The oil then flows through a bolt hole in the lower pan inspection cover.
The oil is delivered to the lowest point possible on the pan so you have a steeper angle to the oil tube than you would with a Mag Post style oiler. You therefore can maintain better oil flow on steeper hills.

Complete set includes:

  • “Ford Faithful” top plate with built in oil line fitting.
  • Plate with screen that fits under the top plate.
  • Magnet to help collect metal shaving in oil
  • “Ford Faithful” Foot Plate with oil line fitting, mounts on oil pan inspection cover.
  • Screws for mounting Foot Plate
  • 3/8" Copper oil line
  • Brass oil line fittings
  • All required gaskets.
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